Community Living Selkirk offers many different programs and resources for individuals.
Thank you to our Champion Employers of Selkirk!


A day program that focuses on building skills for Employment through contract work and volunteer placements.

General program information

Target Group: Individuals working toward paid employment

We work with individuals to develop skills through:

  • Volunteer placements at non-profit or community organizations
  • Essential skills training

Once an individual is ready for employment we can:

  • Assist with job search and provide support such as job coaching and ongoing employment supports to maintain paid employment
  • Make a referral to generic Supported Employment Agency


A day program that provides a place to develop social connections and skills

General Program Information

Target Group: Individuals who want to connect with friends and socialize during the day

We support individuals to connect and enjoy recreational and social opportunities with the following:

  • Onsite recreational activities
  • Participation in community events/places
  • Developing skills in recreational type activities such as:
    • Sewing/knitting
    • Crafts
    • Cards/games
  • Music Therapy
    • As part of the day program, music therapy provides a place to develop a connection to music and an outlet for expression. We work with individuals to develop musical skills, from learning to read music to learning rhythm and singing out loud.


What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise uses its business not only to earn profit, but also to contribute to social good. Both Riverside Grill and Community Threads are social enterprises. The individuals who work in the store and the restaurant are trained and develop skills that they can use when they move to another job. They are able to work in the kitchen, as a waitress, or in a customer service role at the store and gain experience and comfort in their skills at these businesses. 

Watch these videos about our social enterprises to learn more.

Visit the How You Can Help page for more information about social enterprises and other exciting opportunities to interact with and support Community Living Selkirk.