Thank you to the businesses, community members, and neighbours who help make Selkirk an inclusive community every day. Thank you for continually supporting our programs and social enterprises, and truly making Selkirk a better place to live. 

The more money we are able to raise, the more programs and services we can run to improve the quality of life for our clients and the community.

We raise money through personal donations and sponsorship, and we are always looking for volunteers, especially for events and fundraising tactics!

Ways you can help include the following:

Read on for details on the ways you can help!

Visit our social enterprises

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a fundraising entity that uses a business model to contribute to social good. Through our social enterprises, individuals with intellectual disabilities get the opportunity to learn real job skills in a safe learning environment, and we have the ability to create unique employment opportunities.

Helping individuals realize their dream of real work for real pay!

Both Riverside Grill and Community Threads are social enterprises, and individuals learn skills that they can use when they move to another job. These businesses also allow us to showcase the ABILITIES of people living with disabilities in a work environment.


By shopping and eating out at Community Threads and Riverside Grill, you can help build inclusive communities!



Help us by donating or coming to our fundraisers!

Community Living raises a lot of its funds through fundraising events. These events involve the community and promote inclusion in Selkirk. Some of the events we do include the following:

Manitoba Marathon - June

Run for Community Living Selkirk! Register here.

Bud Spud and Steak - September

A Bud Spud and Steak is exactly what it sounds like - you come to the Legion, pay $15 for a ticket, and get a drink (beer or pop!), a baked potato with all the fixings, salad and a delicious steak! Here are some pictures from the 2015 Bud Spud and Steak.

Craft Sale - November

In November we participate in the local craft sale, which takes place at the Christmas Tree Festival. We also participate in the Christmas Tree Festival. Come say hi and see our display this year!

Social - Spring

Each spring we have a super fun social! It usually takes place at the Selkirk Rec Centre and is a wonderful event. The community always comes out to dance, sing, win prizes and have fun! We will know the date soon and will post that on our social media right away!

I want to give a silent auction prize or donation! Email us at or fill out the contact form to donate a silent auction prize or to reserve tickets in advance.

 At the Community Living Selkirk social a few years ago.

At the Community Living Selkirk social a few years ago.

 Former board member Mary Ann Porter with her sister Robyn at the CLS social.

Former board member Mary Ann Porter with her sister Robyn at the CLS social.

Join the Board

If you want to join the board, please email us at!

When I think about why I enjoy being on the board for Community Living Selkirk, I think of the other board members. Meetings are actually fun, and if you’ve been on boards before you know this is not always true. There are difficult topics to handle, but we have tremendous respect for each other and we know we can handle anything that comes along.
— CLS "Director at Large" Jim Croy

Follow us on social media - Twitter, Facebook

When you follow us on social media it gives us a way to stay connected with supporters and our various audiences, and it also helps us raise awareness for everything we do!

We are on Facebook at Community Living Selkirk and on Twitter as @CLSelkirk. Please give us a follow and say hi!


We are always looking for volunteers, especially for our fundraising events.

We mainly need volunteers for the Manitoba Marathon, both at the event and as participants in the run, and with our public campaigns - like the Selkirk parade! If you're interested in volunteering, please call or email us.