Liz and Nancy at Community Living Selkirk.

Liz and Nancy at Community Living Selkirk.

Planning is an integral part of life and many of us complete this without much thought. To plan for the future when supporting someone with a disability, we realize that we must think about future steps and supports or services that may be needed to ensure success.

Families and caregivers may want assistance in the following transition phases:

Birth to school

Connecting with services such as:

  • Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy
  • Investigating service and support options

School years

Connecting with families/support groups to help you through:

  • Pre-School to School
  • Elementary to Junior High
  • Junior High to High School
  • High School to Employment

For some students with specific program needs, an annual transition meeting to achieve success should occur year to year. 

Adult/Child Services

Children's Services to Adult Services

Many families are unaware that at the age of 18 a transition from Children's Special Services to Adult Services occurs and can affect many things such as:

  • New Community Services Worker
  • Respite funding
  • Access to services/funding levels

New things to investigate and apply for may include:

  • Employment and Income Assistance
  • Disability Tax Credit
  • Vulnerable Persons Act Legislation

Planning for life after school

 Jessica at Community Threads.

Jessica at Community Threads.

What comes after school for you or your loved one? We will try to help you figure that out.

When you are planning for life after school, we can help you find program options that will suit your needs, and we can also provide education about other programs and services (not in the Community Living Selkirk umbrella) that will better suit your needs if we cannot meet those needs.

Sometimes, we may not fit into your future plan, and that's okay. We can help you find other options that will best suit your needs, whether they are local, in Winnipeg, or elsewhere.