People First of Selkirk is a local chapter of People First of Canada.

“People First of Canada is the national organization representing people with intellectual disabilities.

People First of Canada is the national voice for people who have been labeled with an intellectual disability. We are about rights – human rights, citizenship rights, accommodation rights, and language rights. We believe in the right to freedom, choice, and equality for all.

We see ourselves as self-advocates and full citizens of our country – living equally in the community. We see ourselves as people first, and as people who have taken back control of our lives from families, policy makers and professionals such as support workers, doctors, social workers, and others, who, for far too long, made decisions for us.”

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A Canada that values diversity and honours, respects and includes all its citizens.

Our Mission

People First of Canada is a national non-profit organization for men and women with an intellectual disability supporting each other to reclaim our right to be recognized as full citizens. We do this through peer support, sharing our personal stories, developing leadership skills, advocating for our right to choose where and with whom we live, and by ensuring that our voices are heard and respected. We work together to educate and influence communities and government to ensure that all persons with intellectual disabilities are fully included and supported to live as equal citizens in Canada.

People First of Selkirk recently went on a trip to Vancouver for the Claiming Full Citizenship: Self Determination, Personalization, and Individualized Funding 2015 International Conference (October 15-17, 2015). To learn more about what happened at this conference click here and to find out what's happening next year, visit

Our Members

Who can be a member of People First?

People First membership is open to all individuals who have experienced any of the following:

  • They have been labelled with an intellectual disability
  • They have lived in an institution or group home
  • They have attended a special education program or sheltered workshops, or
  • They have received services for persons who have been labelled with an intellectual disability.

For more information, please visit
People First of Selkirk follows the People First of Canada model.